New Facebook Page Post Ads are now available

New Page Post Ads are now available

Now with Page Post Ads, you can turn any Page post into a Facebook Ad, with all the flexibility and rich targeting of standard Facebook Ads. Page Post Ads also have a bold new design that is larger than other formats, with features that are more social and more engaging than standard ads.
And, as announced during Advertising Week, Premium Page Post Ads put your Page’s voice on the Home Page, in front of your ideal audience. For your fans, and friends of your fans, your ad will expand to show what people are saying about your brand alongside your brand’s message, all in one.
Page Post Ads can…
  • Reach anyone, even if they aren’t fans of your Page
  • Use Facebook’s full suite of ad targeting options
  • Capture attention with larger, more engaging formats
  • Be personalized with social context about friends that are fans
  • Expand to include enhanced social stories and more points of engagement for fans and friends of fans (Premium only)
Page Post Ads are…
  • Flexible. Engage people with six different kinds of Page Post Ads: status updates, videos, photos, questions, links, and events.
  • Engaging. Page Post Ads create a seamless experience between interactions on your Page, in your ad, and in the News Feeds of fans and their friends. When people interact with the ad or Page, their likes and comments are captured on the Page, and generate News Feed stories to further engage their friends.
  • Social. Page Post Ads tell viewers when their friends are already fans of the Page, making them personally relevant. With Premium formats, the ad unit will expand with enhanced social context.

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